Ewan Miles

UCL Undergraduate Physics Student

I am a motivated MSci Physics student currently in attendance at University College London. I am in third year for the 2020/21 academic year, having achieved a 1st class grade in both second and first year. I have experience working in different environments, alongside other accomplishments, but am looking to kick-start my career in the programming and data science sectors.

Education & Qualifications



University College London (UCL)


Ysgol Dewi Sant

Ysgol Dewi Sant Sixth Form


Ysgol Dewi Sant

Ysgol Dewi Sant Secondary School

Other Qualifications

High Speed Training

Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering

Disclosure & Barring Service

Enhanced Certificate: Disclosure & Barring Service check

Extra-Curricular Activities

UCL Physics Society

I was elected as Social Executive by the physics student body as part of the 2019/20 commitee for the UCL Physics Society. The role, which required a lot of organisation on my part, involved dealing with events and networking with businesses. These came alongside communication and teamwork, as parts of my role included the rest of the committee and working directly with others. It provided me with a fantastic learning experience and developed my whole skillset.

BBC Documentary: School Swap Korea Style

One of the most influential experiences of my life so far, I was part of a trip to South Korea with the BBC for a project to record a programme contrasting schooling there with schooling in Wales. It was an amazing and surprising experience which led to the realisation that the competition is global and that it is possible to sacrifice too much when tackling issues the wrong way. Click here to watch the documentary.

STEM Cymru: Engineering Education Scheme Wales School Competition

I participated in an Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW) school competition across my county, in which I was part of a team that liaised with a real company, Mainstay Marine Solutions, in order to develop mathematical models to solve a real issue they faced. The importance of teamwork and communication are just a few things I took away from the project.

Employment & Experience


121 ASCENTS Student Mentoring


NatCen Social Research


Staff & Product Manager

Coastal Stay

Coastal Stay Pizza Oven


Work Experience


M&G Investments, London

Other Experience

The jobs below show my commitment as a hard worker, having been employed without break since 14.


Restaurant Team Member

Siop Fach

Siop Fach Tearoom, Mathry


Restaurant Team Member

Something's Cooking

Something's Cooking, Letterston

Skills & Projects

Coding & Software Development


First and foremost, I am trained in Python to carry out data science and computational physics tasks. These vary from crunching data to calibrate circuitry, to modelling wavefunctions in different potential wells, to extrapolating relationships in data using statistical methods.
Below are some personal projects and tools that I am currently developing; click on any of them for an overview of how they work.


Graph Plotter

Graph Plotter

An automated graph plotter with user inputs, including best fit lines, polynomial fits, χ2 calculations and more.

Graph Plotter

Derivative Calculator

A mathematical derivative calculator with functions that slice string inputs to carry out operations, returning the first derivative of an expression.

Tools & Scripts



Ping Modeller

Ping Modeller

Numerical Differentiation

Numerical Differentiation

Running Mean

Running Mean



In addition to my training in Python, I am self-taught in front-end languages HTML5 and CSS. I was part of a team that worked on writing the homepage for the Pompey Pirates literacy hub (not yet launched), which is a volunteering service set up to help children with reading and literacy skills. Furthermore, this website is itself exhibits some of what I've learned, including pure CSS dropdown menus and image lightboxes.

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